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HCD Corp
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has HCD been in business?  

A:  HCD was founded in 1997 in Ithaca, NY.   In 2000,  the manufacturing line was set up in Silicon Valley, and operations moved from the Cornell University campus in Ithaca to the new production facility in Sunnyvale, CA.  Check out the About Us tab for more company information.


Q: What is so innovative about SuperButton® technology?   

A:  HCD's SuperButton® technology is a very versatile product, allowing for customization to meet customers' requirements.  Some design characteristics of the SuperButton® include:

  • Pitch down to 0.4mm and variable pitch options
  • High pin counts (over 12,000)
  • No tooling required
  •  Custom footprints
  • Customer determined (adjustable) seated heights, down to 0.8mm

The SuperButton® also has several impressive performance characteristics, including:

  • up to 30 GHz bandwidth
  • Cres of 5 mOhm
  • 5 Amps/pin
  • High contact reliability (multiple redundant contacts)

  For more information on SuperButton® technology, check out the Literature tab or Contact Us


Q: Do HCD interposers work with QFN?  

A:  Yes, HCD connector products can be mated against QFN, as well as BGA, LGA, PCB and flex.


Q: Where will HCD be exhibiting next?  

A:  HCD exhibits throughout the year and new shows are announced as they are booked.  Please visit the News & Events tab for an up-to-date appearance schedule.



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