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Package-to-Board & Sockets
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HCD Corp
Package-to-Board & Sockets

Device frequency, current, pin count, and reliability requirements continue to increase along with more stringent space and cost requirements. As a result, design engineers face the increasingly difficult task of selecting the optimum connector technology for high performance package-to-board (BGA, LGA, QFN, etc.) applications.  Connectors in this application are characterized by high electrical performance, high signal integrity and high density requirements. HCD's proven solderless z-axis SuperButton® and SuperSpring® connector technologies are ideally suited for this market with high speed, low Cres, high current, and reliable connectivity at a competitive cost.

HCD's SuperButton® technology has been designed in with major semiconductor customers worldwide and has been the connector of choice for leading US high end computing, server, and workstation manufacturers. 



Features  Benefits
 Signal Integrity  Enhanced Electrical Performance:
  • High Frequency (up to 26 GHZ BW)
  • Low Cres (<10mOhm)
  • High Current Rating (up to 7A/pin continuous)
  • Low Inductance (<0.9 nH)
  • Low Crosstalk
                 High Density, High I/O, Low Profile         
  •  # I/O in production exceeding 8000
  • Standard pitch as low as 0.5mm
  • Low profile (as small as 0.8mm)
 Solderless Z-Axis Connection
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to rework
  • Field upgradeable

 Unsurpassed Reliability:

  • Up to 12 redundant contact points per button
  • Mechanical wipe under compression
  • Extremely stable over time and temperature