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SuperButton® contactor's robust design and ability to support high density and high I/O configurations make it an ideal fit for high speed board-to-flex applications.  With design engineers' growing demand for flexibility, reliability, and low profile designs, HCD's board-to-flex connector is the clear choice.  Combining the robust SuperButton® contactor design with the versatility of a flex circuit creates new alternatives to resolve growing interconnect challenges.  The SuperButton® contact offers excellent electrical and mechanical performance which makes it an ideal choice for high speed board-to-flex applications. 



Features Benefits
High Density Interconnect (0.5mm pitch available) Optimizes space on test boards
High Speed, Low Profile Connector

Short signal path leads to low self inductance and
reduced Cres

Custom Design Optimizes board configuration and conserves
Solderless Compression System Easy to rework and simple to use
Robust Design Reliable performance under rugged conditions