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Package-to-Board & Sockets
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HCD Corp

Design engineers are increasingly pressured to address difficult packaging challenges by balancing high-speed interconnects, increasing I/O count and space/cost constraints.  Incorporating proprietary SuperButton® technology, HCD interposers provide the density and mechanical robustness to address increasing I/O counts and enable parallel board-to-board designs with the high levels of performance and reliability.  With stacking heights down to 0.8mm, as well as different PCB orientation (right angle, planar, and stacked,)our board-to-board connectors are the technology of choice at competitive prices. 




 Features  Benefits
 High Density (with pitches down to 0.5mm) Saves space on test boards and works in
large arrays
 Low Force (starting at 10g/pin)  Minimize stress on mating boards
 Low Profile (~0.8mm) and vertical signal path  Leads to low self inductance and reduced
cross talk
 Floating  Leads to self leveling mechanism and accounts
for coplanarity of the raw cards
 High Frequency (up to 26Ghz)  To meet increasing bandwidth demands in
mezzanine applications