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SuperButton & SuperSpring
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HCD Corp
HCD SuperButton & SuperSpring® Technology

 Advances in microprocessor and telecommunication technologies have led to systems characterized by higher currents, higher frequencies, and higher I/O counts-all at tighter pitches.  HCD is responding to these challenges with a new, proprietary technology that offers industry-leading performance in successfully addressing each of these challenges.  


SuperButton® Technology

  • Continuous wire spring structure supported by elastomer
  • Scalable interconnect technology that provides engineers a high performance, robust drop-in replacement for pogo pins, fuzz buttons, and other connector technologies
  • Excellent choice for high current, high frequency, and high density applications for mezzanine level, board-to-board, board-to-flex, and package-to-board (LGA, BGA, etc.) interconnect requirements
  • Preferred solution of interconnect environments constrained by space and force  limitations
  • Provides an electrically efficient connection and consistent resistance value from pin to pin
  • Redundant contact points
  • SuperButton® technology delivers cost reduction with enhanced performance for any standard, non-standard footprint with varied, asymmetric and irregular pitches

As a result of expanding our manufacturing to include the latest equipment upgrades, HCD can now braid finer wires essentially reducing the required force to compress a button.

Introducing HCD's 3rd generation SuperButton® technology

  • Low force (starting at 10g/pin)
  • Max travel (~16 mils)
  • Ideally suited for high density board-to-board, package-to-board, and  board-to-flex applications where clamping force is critical


SuperSpring® Technology

  • High strength bi-metal spring structure
  • Scalable interconnect technology that provides engineers a reliable and durable drop-in replacement for other connector technologies in low pitch applications that require  large compliance at low force
  • SuperSpring® behaves elastically with stable resistance over a large working range
  • Excellent choice for very low pitch, high pin count applications for board-to-board, board-to-flex, and package-to-board (LGA, BGA, etc.) interconnect requirements

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